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Adware Removal
If you suffer from adverts popping up on you screen as you browse the internet, or if you find that your browser defaults to a page you have never been to before, or if you are continually being spammed by specific advertising campaigns, then it is more than likely that something has installed Adware programs on your hard drive and in your registry, which is either creating the advertisements or monitoring your internet activity and reporting back to a third party who is sending you unsolicited adverts. Whichever, we expect that you want to stop it and prevent any further incursions onto your pc.

Dealing with Adware
There are three aspects to dealing with any form of internet abuse.
Adware Detection – Scanning your computer for Adware programs and related files
Adware Removal - Delete the Adware program, and the associated files which may re-install.
Adware Prevention - Block new attempts to introduce adware onto your pc.

Free Adware Scanner
If you search the internet you will find that there are lots of free adware and spyware scanning applications about, and even some free adware removal programs. The problem is that some of them are bogus and others are not particularly effective, and some are just a means of introducing yet more spyware onto your computer. We have personally found that one of the best Adware removal softwares at the present time is Spyware Nuker. We have run it on our own computer network for some time now, and we have run comparison tests with other spyware removal programs. As a result we can recommend it with confidence. Scan your computer for FREE

Spyware Nuker - Features
Free initial scan to show what’s present on your computer.
Excellent Adware and Spyware removal program, with deep searches
Good support page and FAQs
Very Clear Instructions
Allows you to scan and remove spyware and adware from drives individually if required.
Provides explanations about the classes of Adware and Spyware found on your computer.
Provides regular updates
Provides a continuous monitoring system to prevent new forms of Adware from entering your computer system.

free spyware scanner

An alternative Adware Removal program which we have also found to be effective is NoAdware.
They also offer a free adware and spyware scan. Click HERE for their free scan.

There are also various forms of Adware which may need to be dealt with in different ways.

    If you are troubled with popups, you are likely to need a separate software to remove and Block Popups - Click HERE.
    If you are receiving an excessive amount of unsolicited emails advertising all sorts of unwholesome or doubtful products and services, you will need an effective Spam filter. To read more about the various options to enable you to stop spam click HERE.

The most important aspects of Adware removal, are that it is removed safely and permanently, and that you do not import new problems to remove the old.
There are several other methods of controlling the effects of Adware, or opting out from the consequences of having Adware Cookies installed on your computer.

Firstly there is the option to increase your internet security in IE. Click on Tools and then Internet Options. Click on the Security Tab and you can select the default security levels or set your own custom level.

The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) is a useful place to start. This site provides explanations and reasons for setting Adware Cookies, and links to opt-outs. An example of this is the information below, which relates to DoubleClick.

There are many programs that allow you to manually delete your cookies. In addition, DoubleClick offers consumers the opportunity to select a persistent "blank" or "opt-out cookie" to prevent information from being uniquely associated with your browser. This way, you can opt-out of DoubleClick's ad-serving cookies, without erasing or altering other cookies associated with your browser. If you do not want a unique cookie from DoubleClick, there is a simple procedure to follow. Please also note that most major third-party online advertising companies have agreed to provide an opt-out mechanism. For more information, please visit the NAI.
By selecting an opt-out cookie, ads delivered to your browser by DoubleClick are targeted only based on the non-personally-identifiable information that is available from the Internet environment, including information about your browser type and Internet service provider, and the general content of the site or page your browser is viewing. Also, please note that if you choose an opt-out cookie, DoubleClick is unable to recognize your browser from one visit to the next, and you may therefore notice that you receive the same ad multiple times.

What happens if I choose to opt-out?
The system will assign you the following cookie:
instead of a cookie that contains a unique string of numbers

By receiving this cookie, DoubleClick's systems will know that you have opted out and will not to attempt to assign other cookies in the future. Since the DoubleClick opt-out cookie does not contain a unique user number, it does not allow us to identify your browser uniquely.
PLEASE NOTE that if you erase or otherwise alter your browser's cookie file (including upgrading certain browsers) you may need to perform this process again

**PLEASE NOTE that opting out of the ad-serving cookie and opting out of Pop Up ads are not the same thing! You can control many Pop Ups by using free software available on the Internet or by disabling Javascript on your browser.

This software produced by Spydex,Inc. claims to be a powerful, easy to use anti-spy program that prohibits operation of any keylogger, either currently in use or in development. Once installed, our anti-spy software will protect your privacy immediately and constantly.

The most scary and dangerous feature of all spy software is the ability to record a computer user's keystrokes. While you are typing out your password and credit card details online, a hacker could be recording your every keystroke on his computer with the right spy software.

According to Spydex, the unique protection algorithm of their anti-hacker program will block operation of any such keystroke monitoring for all spy software, both known and unknown. Unlike other anti-spy software, there is no spyware database to update and no scanning time necessary.

To date, we have not had the opportunity of verifying their claims, but if you are seriously troubled by key-loggers, we suggest you give their site a visit.


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