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Block Popups

  • Tired of closing those annoying popup ads?
  • Has your browser ever crashed under the burden of dozens online commercials?
  • Have you ever closed the wrong window and lost valuable information trying to stop an endless stream of pop ups?

Using popup blockers to fight back

  • Prevent those popups from interfering with your browsing
  • Speed up your pc and enhance your productivity
  • Get your internet freedom back

It has happened to everyone - you're surfing your favourite sites or doing some research and then POP, you're hit with several of those annoying popup ads that slow down your computer. For those in the know you can prevent this happening again by using a tried and trusted popup blocker software application like POPUP-NUKER

How to Block Popups

If you are confused with the hundreds of applications designed to block or remove popups, help is at hand. This popup blocker software has been thoroughly tested. It has been designed for use with MS Windows, and Trek Eight, LLC’s software solutions are among the most trusted and most used in the world.

Why we recommend Popup Nuker

1. We have tried it ourselves
2. Popup Nuker automatically blocks unwanted popups. There's nothing to configure, it instantly and automatically works!
3. This Popup Blocker automatically allows new windows. It never interferes with opening new windows you want to see such as when you right-click and choose Open In New Window, or when you click a link that opens in a new window.
4. Popup Nuker includes a powerful White List. This enables the ability to specify websites that Popup Nuker should never block popups, such as your online banking websites that may use popups to alert you about new services.
5. It Blocks Windows Messenger popups as well as popups from many common spyware and adware.
6. It Cleans browser history. Provides automatic browser history and temporary file cleaning.
7. Automatic updates. New features are automatically provided at no additional charge. You'll always be running the most current version.
8. Easy configuration. The interface is user-friendly, unlike much of the competition.
9. You can view screenshots on their website prior to downloading and purchase.
10. you are notified when unwanted popups are blocked via an animated system tray icon and optional sound alerts.
11. It provides an animated "OK" system tray icon to notify when a White List popup is allowed.
12. Historical performance statistics are included. You'll be amazed at how many popups you are blocking every day!
13. There is a new online forum and Popup Nuker support.

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