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Cookie Management

If you have been using the internet, you will have cookies. Most cookies are harmless unless you are a security freak, but more and more cookies are being used to track your activity and internet preferences in order to send you unsolicited advertisements. In themselves they might just be helpful in putting you in touch with a company which can service your interests. But for most people the resultant popup ads and spam mail is just a huge annoyance.

One of the most effective cookie controls lies within Outlook Express.
Just Click on Tools, then Options, and then Privacy, and you will be able to select the level of cookie acceptance require. You can even override the system to always accept or refuse cookies from particular websites.

How do you now what cookies you have?
How do you know whether the cookie is safe or potentially troublesome?
Should you Block or accept it?
How do you remove undesirable cookies?

Cookie Management Software
Ideally you need a cookie management software which has a continuously up to date knowledge base of Cookies to assist decisions

A simple cookie management system such as Cookie Wall v1.01 will give you control of which cookies you want to accept either temporarily or permanently.

If you are using an effective spyware blocker such as Spyware Nuker or NoAdware, they will do this for you, because they keep up to date blacklists and white lists, and will provide continual monitoring for spyware and adware cookies

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Ad Cookie Opt Out
The following very common cookies provide privacy policies and an opportunity to opt out

These do not remove cookies but provide you with a cookie which does not report on your activity. The reason for this is that some websites require cookie acceptance before they will load the page. Providing a blank cookie is their way of getting round the problem. These sites should also enable you to confirm that any personal data already registered through their cookies will not be used for future advertising.

More information can be found at the Network Advertising Initiative

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