Spyware Adware Malware Information Spyware Software
Spyware Adware Malware Information
Spyware Spyware software

Spyware is any program that covertly gathers user information through an Internet connection without the user's knowledge.

For details about what spyware does, latest versions and how it gets onto your pc, read More About Spyware

For information about spyware detection and spyware removal, and how to block further attempts, visit Spyware Removal

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Adware Adware program

Adware is similar to spyware in that it that gathers user information and browsing patterns and uses this information to display advertisements in the Web browser.  Unlike Spyware, Adware contains a disclosure telling you that your information will be used.

For examples of different types of Adware, and how they access your pc, read More About Adware

For information on how to scan for, remove and block Adware, visit Adware Removal

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Malware malware definition
Malware, derived from malicious software, is any program or file that is harmful to a computer user.  Malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and also in more general terms spyware programs that collect information about a computer user without permission.

For details about the various forms of Malware, their undesirable effects, and how they access your pc, read More About Malware

For information about how to detect and block malware, and about malware removal, visit Malware removal

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Popups popup adverts
  • Popup Utility is a useful program which appears whenever a hot-key requests it.
  • Popup Browser windows can also be useful files providing such items as dropdown menus and additional information which appear in response to mouse activity like mouseover, or clicking.
  • Popup Adverts use a new browser window to appear superimposed on top of an exisitng window. Popup adverts are a form of spam.

For more information about the various forms of popups, and how to control them, read More About Popups

For information on how to block popups on your screen, and spop them recurring, visit Block Popups

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browser hijacker meaning of browser hijacker
Browser Hijackers alter the default browser starting page, a search page, or favourites page to another webpage without permission.

For more information about what Browser Hijackers do and why, and how browser hijackers access your pc, read More About Browser Hijackers

For information on how to detect, remove and stop further hijackers, visit Remove Browser Hijackers

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Remove browser hijacker

spam spam information
Spam, spamming, is the use of the internet to convey a particular message to a large number of people who did not request it, or to repeatedly convey such a message. This usually involves unsolicited mass emailing, popup adverts, and other forms of adware.

To learn more about the various forms of spam, read More About Spam

To learn how to stop Spam and how to prevent Browser Spam, visit Stop Spam

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internet cookies control internet cookies
Internet cookies are pieces of information sent by web servers to a web browser. The browser software is expected to save them and to send them back to the servers whenever the browser makes additional requests from the particular server.

For further information about the purposes of cookies, and their applications, read More About Cookies

To learn about cookie management including how to block certain internet cookies, visit Cookie Management

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