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How to remove Browser Hijackers

If you open Internet Explorer and a new page pops up then chances are that a hijack program has infiltrated your defences. To find the actual file which is causing the problem is not so simple, and you will usually need to download a software to find it and remove it. Often it is an innocent looking page offering all sorts of bargains and helpful links. At other times it can be a portal for pornography or gambling sites. Sometimes the application automatically downloads to your computer when you visit a particular site or click in an hyperlink. Other times you may have inadvertently accepted it as part of a software package (usually freeware or shareware)

Whatever screen is presented, you are likely to have great difficulty in removing it.

In the simplest form of Browser Hijack, you can simply click on Tools, then Internet Options, then restore your default home page to whatever was there before. Unfortunately most forms of browser Hijack leave a file in the registry which causes the default home page to revert to the hijacked version each time the pc is switched on. In such cases you will need to purchase a safe and effective software program to eradicate it.
There are hundreds of programs available at quite reasonable prices, but having the confidence to download a program which might in itself be introducing more spyware is difficult to do. We have used the following two applications on all our PCs, and they have proven very effective at identifying Browser Hijacker files and eliminating them. They will also continuously monitor all new files and cookies and block the vast majority of harmful ones.

Both companies offer an initial Free Scan for Browser Hijackers and other Malware

There are three aspects to be considered when dealing with browser hijackers.
Detection - Browser Hijacker Scanning
Removal - delete the Browser Hijacker program
Prevention - Block further attempts by Browser Hijackers to to infiltrate your pc.
The full versions of the above programs provide all three activities

How to Block Browser Hijackers
If you don’t have any Browser hijackers at present (and you are sure that you don’t) there are several free browser hijacker blockers available on the internet. However BEWARE that since they are freeware or shareware, you may well be downloading additional adware or spyware applications bundled in with them.
In our experience it is wiser to pay the true purchase price (which is not usually very much anyway), and reduce the risks of gaining additional unwanted problems. Even so, make sure that you read the terms and conditions!!!

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